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Cyber security: Services and Products we offer


Cyber security is the process of defending computer networks from cyber attacks.  Recent years has seen an increased interest in cyber security, to protecting computer networks from online attacks. As the internet has become more central to our lives, it has also made us all more vulnerable to malicious attacks. In order to better understand the risk of internet security, it is first important to know some background on how it all works. This blog will help you learn more about how the internet works, and how to better protect your data and your computer.

How does the Internet works?

Internet is the communication between two or more networks while a network is a communication between two or more computers. On the Internet, there are tens of thousands of interconnected networks run by over 100 different service providers, individual companies, universities, and government. 

Because the Internet is a global computer network, every computer connected to it must have a unique address which is in this form Where xxx is any number from 0-255. This address is known as an IP address, which abbreviates Internet Protocol. (a typical example of IP Address: The  Internet is a medium for exchanging information, but it is also a risky one due to threats from hackers and cybercriminals, making internet security a top priority for individuals and businesses alike.

How to be safe on the internet and prevent hackers

          ·         Don't use public Wi-Fi to access personal or financial information.

          ·         Turn off anything you don’t need;  Some of the features on your phone can be exploited by hackers for accessing your information, location or connection. For this reason, instead of leaving your GPS, wireless connection and geo-tracking on all the time, just turn them on when you need them.

           ·        Encrypt information as they move from point to point on the internet

  •   Use of strong passwords and login credentials
  •   Never click on a link you didn't expect to receive
  •   Do not store your credit card details online.
  •   Always perform patches and updates

 Importance of Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is important because it protects all types of data from theft and damage. This includes Personal information, sensitive data, protected health information, intellectual property, data, and information systems maintained by government and industry are included in this group.

  Cyber Security Services and products we offer.

  1.      VULNERABILITY ASSESMENT: Vulnerability assessment of a network involves identifying security vulnerabilities in systems, quantifying and analyzing them, and then mitigating risks based on those vulnerabilities. After vulnerability scans are run, an expert conducts analysis of the scan results to prioritize potential threats. A remediation plan can then be generated with the steps to fix vulnerabilities. This includes network, web and mobile applications.
  2.     PENETRATION TESTING ON NETWORK, WEB AND MOBILE APPLICATION: During a penetration test, which is also called a pen test; your computer system is subjected to a simulated cyber attack to look for potential security vulnerabilities. By using insight gained from the penetration test, loopholes and threats discovered will be fixed in order to withstand future attacks
  3.    OPERATING SYSTEM DEBUGGING: OS debugging allows a cyber security specialist to detects flaws and vulnerability on an operating system. During the course of developing an operating system or application, a programmer is likely to encounter bugs or errors. In such cases, programmers use debugging tools to fix the bugs in the code.
  4.       SUPPLY OF SERCURITY SOFTWARE DEVICES. Examples are cctv camera, antivirus software, intrusion and prevention system


Ryan,   Jun 05, 2021
Wow. An amazing read. Reply

Ryan,   Jun 05, 2021
Wow. An amazing read. Reply

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